What SRCC is All About!

We recognized a need in Springfield for a place that people can go and know they will be safe in their path of long term recovery.

 A safe place for people in recovery to go to meet people who can relate, support and encourage them.  We envisioned a place for sober events, classes and meetings; a place for fun and learning.

We came together out of a common need for our clients to have a sense of community!

About the Partners

Better Life in Recovery (BLiR): is a nonprofit organization in Springfield that focuses on community service projects, pro social events, and overall advocacy and support of long term recovery.  David Stoecker is the director and is also a treatment court professional, an MRSSP, and a counselor specializing in substance use disorders at Preferred Family Health here in Springfield. David sits on several state advisory committees, is a national speaker, an MRSSP, and in long term recovery himself, with a passion to help others succeed. http://www.betterlifeinrecovery.com/

Jericho Commission: is a faith based nonprofit mentoring program, designed to provide men and women who are either in treatment court, or coming out of Department of Corrections, cope with some of the challenges facing them. Jericho provides mentors to help guide their participants through the process of integrating back into society.  Director Michele Dove is also a treatment court professional and is an MRSS, RN, Chaplain and philanthropist. Michele volunteers her time and has a tremendous passion to bring hurting people to faith and restoring lives.  http://www.jericho.personalseo.com/

New Beginning Sanctuary: is a faith based nonprofit sober living program for men and women. NBS provides safe and structured housing for people suffering from substance abuse.  Teaching their participants responsibility and accountability while helping them become successful members of the community. Director Alon Fisch also an MRSS is an entrepreneur and visionary, who offers second chances to  individuals seeking freedom from substance use disorders, and desiring to become contributing members of society,   Alon assists clients to better themselves through gaining life skills and  employment, social activities, and learning how to get along with others.  He continues to expand housing opportunities for the purpose of encouraging more people to move their lives forward through recovery.  http://www.nbsanctuary.org

graphic of logos of organizations